Sunday, 25 October 2015

Bamboo panels

Been more than a year and I finally gotten around to covering the ugly colorbond fencing behind the window splashback in the kitchen and around the alfresco area. Here are the 26 panels that were ordered weighing in at 400kg which I had to carry individually from the delivery truck (since they didn't have any forklift/ramp).

Bamboo panels

These panels are 2.4m long and 0.9m wide. A little too tall to have them vertically, but there was a reason I ordered the 2.4m ones instead of the 1.8m or 2.2m versions. 

Vertical layout

The intent was to lay them horizontally. Having the longer panels meant I would cover more with less panels, 4.8m compared to 3.6m.

Horizontal layout

Here's what they will look like through the window splashback. Definitely going with the horizontal layout. 

Kitchen view

Stacking them on top of each other and I get the typical 1.8m height. 

Alfresco side - right

Alfresco side - left

Kitchen side

Now I just need to finish them with Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus. I probably should be re-oiling the decking and wooden feature at the front of the house too.

Edit: Recent had pest control done, and the gaps behind the bamboo became infested with roaches. The pest controller now advise the external gets treatment every 6 months.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Three months in

Can't believe it's been three months since handover, though technically we've only been living in here for half that time. Still little things to do here and there but we're settling in nicely and Rawson has been quick with our small list of rectification work. A plumber, an electrician and a carpenter were all on site yesterday to address minor items.

Display Home

Actually waiting for Elba kitchen to do a shelf that we ordered on one of the niche (the smaller mirror one) that we stole the idea off in one of Rawson's other display home. No idea what's taking them so long, perhaps it's waiting on all the kitchen drawer fit outs, that we also ordered, to arrive. 

Bedroom 3

The downstairs guest bedroom has been turned into a gym room (and temporary storage) for now. 


Old lounge set and rug from our old place. The discolouration on the smaller two seater was because it was a warranty replacement four years after we had bought it. According to Plush, that's the same colour code as the three seater and somehow it's within their acceptable colour variation range. Might end up replacing them both with a corner lounge suite when there's sufficient fund. In no rush though, since these are still perfectly fine (except for the fact that they don't match).


Dining room still feels empty and a buffet table has been ordered. It will sit right under the mirror. Perhaps the rug was a bit too small after all. Something else seems to be missing here. Can't quite work out what it is.

Alfresco from inside

The curtains did not turn out how I would imagined it. It does look like it's protruding into the open plan living area now. Kinda reminds me of a hospital bed. Definitely have to leave it open rather than closed.

Alfresco from outside

Our old dining table has a new purpose now in it's new location. The hanging egg chair used to be in our study and we really wanted to place it on the balcony but it didn't quite fit. Perhaps it turned out for the best, since it can now sit under the cover and away from the weather. Probably why it still look brand new all these years. 

Home Theatre Sofa

Home Theatre System

New three seater lounge (really a six seater since each seat is almost 1m wide), entertainment unit, TV and rug.

Family Room

Family TV

The family room upstairs also got a new chase sofa and ottoman. There's even a small couch for the dog! The entertain unit was old but the TV was new. Still haven't painted the patch work next to the aircon controller yet. Only got around to the plaster and sanding it.

Study Left View

Study Right View

With the exception of the three drawers chest, the study was furnished with all existing pieces. The layout just looks a lot better now that it's all not cramped into a small space (maybe the configuration has improved due to the removal of the hanging egg chair) . Actually is very empty in the middle, and that is why we placed the large monkey cushion here. That used to be in our lounge room. 

Bedroom 5

The old bed set has been relocated here. A matching dresser and mirror sits right opposite the bed. 

Main Bedroom

The reason for a new bed set? To upgrade to a king size! Managed to find a matching chair and foot rest too. Took a while to find bedsides and storage units to go with the bed. In the end we settled for these (the ones we liked were literally close to $1000 each, and similar ones online were even more expensive at $5000 each. Who pays this much for bedsides?). The old TV has also been demoted here.

Expensive Bedsides
Main Bedroom TV

The other two bedrooms (2 & 4) are still empty, though another queen bed has been ordered. No idea why we purchased it, since it's not really needed at the moment. I guess seeing a room empty, over and over again has that kind of effect on ya.


Still a lot of junk in the garage. Heaps of foams and packaging material that I have no idea what to do with. At least the boxes can be dumped at the local recycling center (over half the garage was filled with flatten cardboard boxes before I dropped them off). Will take me months to crush and fit them to the recycling bin each fortnight.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Grass was finally laid so now the front and back yards are no longer plain old dirt.

Front Yard

Back Yard

Have also added two more pendants to the void to fill it up a bit more. The lonesome one was a little small for the space. A bit hard to see, but the air con zone controller can be seen in the background. The two blank plates beside it was to cover the old NavEase controller and zones switches. Something I haven't gotten around to patching just yet.

Pendants above void

The remaining wallpaper in the walk in robe took me two weekends to finish off...

Walk in Robe

which was just in time for the Ximula shelving system to be installed.

Left side

Right side

Lots of shelves in the linen cupboard to store all the shoes along with a hanging section for coats and jackets.

Linen cupboard

Bedroom 3

The other bedrooms are in the same configuration as above (going from left-to-right, double hanging spacing, two shelves above 4 drawers, long hanging above a shelf) but with different widths to accommodate the size of the built-in robes.

Sunday, 29 June 2014


With the last round of trademen it's finally time to peel off the protective board and stain the stairs.

All natural

Looks great from this view, but once the stairs turn at the top, the carpenters did not butt the treads and risers against the wall. Instead, they have cut into the wall so there are now small gaps that need to be fill in. More work that I wasn't expecting but I think I'll start staining first. At least I don't have to be too careful about getting stain on the wall at the top. 


The job took longer than I thought (almost two days just to do 1 coat).


After two coats of stain, it's time for the clear vanish. 

Sealed Garage floor

Also sealed the garage floor with two coats of acrylic sealer with the same colour tint used in the driveway (metal grey). Noticed several cracks too and wonder should I mention them in the 3 months defect list? 

Round Pendant

The round pendant was finally up and it did appear to be too small (40cm diameter) but the next size up (60cm) might have been too big. Wanted it a little lower but would have had to replace the prewired cable. Not so bad I guess.

Drum Pendant

The same style pendant in the drum version for the dining room. A bit hard to judge the height without the dining table in place.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Plantation shutters

Another quick update with loads of photos of the plantation shutters. The installers said they don't normally see dark colours with the majority of orders being white. However, we liked how the seaview display home had the dark colour so we opted for the same. Especially against the dark feature wall. Turned out well and matched our flooring nicely.



Home Theatre

Bedroom 2

There was a slight problem with the windows in bedroom 2. Because the wall wasn't bricked (the cedar panelling in the front fasade), the window frames was more narrow than usual. After the plantation shutters were installed, the lock levers and winding mechanism were totally inaccessible. Only solution was to hack the plantation shutter frames a little and shorten the lock levers. At least its all hidden away.


The window above the staircase really needed some covering, it's right opposite the neighbour's window and there is a full view of their dining room. Though there is always someone there so it might also double as their lounge? 

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

Main Bedroom

Walk in Robe

From my last post, the aim is to wallpaper every wall here so when the Ximula wardrobe system are installed, it will provide a lovely background.